COBBS (Shenzhen) Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd

COBBS originates from the Cobb Douglas production function of western economics, and is the earliest organization engaged in manufacturing service outsourcing in the Pearl River Delta. Undertake the business process contracting services such as the production, testing, packaging, loading and unloading, and handling of food, daily chemical products, electronic products, photoelectric components, auto parts, and hardware accessories in the form of service outsourcing...

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Our Services

Production outsourcing, personnel outsourcing, sales outsourcing, management consulting, logistics outsourcing, logistics outsourcing, labor sharing……

Production Outsourcing

Manual outsourcing of production line

Overall outsourcing of production line


Personnel Outsourcing

Outsourcing of personnel affairs Outsourcing of personnel positions

Labor dispatch service affiliated with labor relations

Sales Outsourcing

Sign outsourcing agreement, complete the daily loading and unloading and handling production tasks of the Employer, and independently ​ 

Rear Service Outsourcing

Cleaning and greening outsourcing Dormitory management outsourcing

Employee on-site monitoring factory canteen contracting

Labor sharing and flexible employment

The first food industry labor sharing economic service platform!


Management Consulting

Human Resource Management Diagnosis and Organization Design Human Resource Planning


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Cooperative Customers

Continuously create value and be required by customers for a long time!

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